7 RV Essentials You Need to Get Before You Hit the Road!


Heading out for your first RV trip! That sounds extremely fun!  Going on a travel adventure via an RV is an incomparable experience. The freedom, the spontaneity, great company, and lovely sceneries, all these things are what we all want.

It is a unique and the most fun way to travel because you get to take your trip at your own pace, customize your itinerary, not follow any stressful schedules unlike traditional travels, and simply be in sync with nature. Plus, you get to do more and spend quality time with your partner, family, or friends.

For first-time RV travelers, it can be truly overwhelming. From planning to execution, we know it can be a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Let us help you prepare your trip for a successful and fun ride with these 7 RV essentials you need to bring before you hit the road.

  • Emergency Road Kit
  • On top of the list is your emergency road kit. A lot of things can happen in your entire adventure, but preparation is the key. Flat tires can happen which can render your RV immovable. You can buy a road kit in bundles or separately.

    The kit must include a first aid kit, jumper cables, tire pressure gauge, duct tape, leveling blocks, spare tire, a flashlight, fire extinguishers, and even reflective emergency triangles so other cars can see your RV up ahead as they approach.

  • Sewer Hoses
  • Bathroom situations can be easy in an RV as opposed to traditional travel options, however, you need to have the right tools and equipment to make drainage even more convenient. As you can see, the bathrooms have temporary catch basins. It requires more care than a home bathroom. 

    Sewer hoses can be very awkward, cumbersome, and quite intimidating but with Coil Quick™️, your RV drainage will be more convenient. Coil Quick™️ Compression Valve Cap makes compression and storage of your sewer hose cleaner, faster, and super easy. You will be back on the road in just minutes with this product.

  • Power Generator
  • Camping out in the wild and off-the-grid is a fun way to avoid the stressful city hustle and bustle. However, your smartphone is still a must-have on your road trip. Make sure you have a power generator with you to charge your phones or laptops (if you still prefer to work). It is an integral part of your RV trip. You can use it to charge your batteries, power the AC, fridge, electric appliances, and so on. 

  • Entertainment
  • Time to bring out your card and board games sitting in the closet for years and have fun with them at the camping site. You can also bring your telescope and binoculars. Use them for bird-watching and scenic viewing during the day and enjoy the stars and the moon in the night sky. You can also bring a TV projector with you if you wish to have a movie night with the family in the RV.

  • The Right Garments & Clothes
  • You wouldn’t want your first RV trip to be a very uncomfortable one. Make sure to bring and wear appropriate clothing and garments. Include the things you need for a comfortable sleep such as pajamas and bedding solutions. If it is cold outside, add extra comforters and blankets to keep you warm. Pack your clothes according to the weather you are going to experience at your destination.

  • Necessities List
  • For the sake of organizing everything, do not forget to make a list of all the stuff you are bringing so you won’t forget them. From toiletries, water filters, handheld vacuums, emergency kits, and a sewer hose valve cap and storage, to food and clothing, make sure to jot them all down. Even the smallest item must be in there.

  • Lots of food!
  • It may be nice to eat outside, but it is more fun to prepare your food at the camping ground. Bring as much food as you like, but make sure to pack healthy. Storage is important and you have to ensure that the RV fridge is working optimally. You may also include canned products, but if you wish to have a nice steak or chicken at the campsite, then pack them in a large cooler replenished with ice. You can always enjoy local food finds anyway!