Don't Leave Home Without It - Must-Haves on Your Next RV Trip!

An RV is essentially a mini home on wheels, and RV trips are different from your traditional vacations– here you don't just carry your travel must-haves, but also some of the items you need to run a household. Packing for an RV camping can be quite exhausting, especially if there's no proper planning.

To make your next RV trip hassle-free and memorable, we have compiled a list of things you need to have by your side, apart from clothing.

Kitchen Items:
During your RV trip, you should have the basic kitchen items handy to prepare your meals. Make sure to carry your frying pan, spoons, fork, ladle, plates, bowls, and mugs, so cooking and serving is not an issue. Other items such as a lighter or matches, paper towels, dishwasher, and dish sponge are also very much needed.

As you'll be cooking your own food, having raw materials is important. This includes veggies, meat, fruits, sauces, spices, and so on. Carry some readymade snacks of your choice, such as cookies, cakes, biscuits, granola, or anything else you prefer. And of course, some coffee or tea to accompany the snacks.

RV Maintenance:
Your RV is going to be your home during the trip. To take good care of it, you have to carry the necessary stuff for cleaning and maintaining the vehicle, such as a tire pressure gauge, motor oil, and fire extinguisher.

Another item you can't miss is a sewer hose. If you find this part too messy, we'd recommend the Coil Quick Compression Valve Cap. When you are ready to get going, it's annoying to stand in a queue waiting for everyone to finish dumping so you can check out from the campground. Coil Quick offers quick, easy, and clean compression of the sewer hose. Also, you can store it pretty much anywhere inside the RV, because it compacts the hose in a clean and beautiful storage bag. With this equipment handy, you'll be back on the road in no time, plus save some storage space!

To recreate home-like comfort inside your RV, carry your bedding items. Pillows, blankets, and sheets are absolutely essential. And to ward off boredom, carry something that will keep you entertained– be it your phone, laptop, DVD, or your favorite book. And for your electronics, don't forget their chargers and extension cords.
Outdoor Gear
RV trips are not just about staying in, rather it's about exploring the outdoors. And to do that, you'll need your outdoor gear. From basic things like a backpack, water bottle, hiking pole to additional stuff such as chairs, tables, and outdoor games– you have to pack them all.

Final Thoughts:
It can feel a bit too much, but when you have all of your necessities within reach, you'll be much more comfortable in your RV trip, and enjoy every moment to the fullest. So campers– get, set, go!